Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why i choose Maybank?

Here is my opinion,
    1) Maybank very strong on the marketing this few years. You can see many advertisement around Klang valley.
    2)  The dividend Yield is the best from banking sector at Malaysia.
    3) The CEO said that they not to expand too much this few years on oversea and need to enhance share's value for the share holders
         and concentrated on market Malaysia to become stronger number one bank in Malaysia.
         向外拓展前提是巩固大马业务基  “没有世界冠军会连基础都不稳健时称自己为世界第一。   我们最关注的是确地市场,确保基础稳定。”
         (2008 over expand on buying Indonesia BII).
        Resulting share holder's share value drop and dividend drop.
    4) 50 years of professional manage company.
    5) Very helpful dividend reinvestment scheme for long term investors like me.
    6) The profit increase 17% compare last year. It a strong figure.
    7) Indonesia economic still growing for another 10 years. Good for BII.
    8) KIm Eng give change to expand to Thailand and other south east asia country.


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