Wednesday, December 7, 2011

After 15 years at Share Market

Here is some of my experience after 15 years at share market
  • Please buy blue chip with good dividend especially Bank sector and Plantation sector.
  • Hold for long time minimum 5 years if possible not to sell.
  • Need to monitor the growth of the stock like DY, PE,ROE,Business Future and direction and so on.
  • If market down or corrupt, this is the time to change your portfolio.
  • The dividend pay out must higher than interest pay by Bank fixed deposit.
  • Use the dividend and saving to invest again to buy the stock every months.
  • Set a objective or target for your investment (like Retire fund, Housing fund, Married Fund and so on) . Because our investment not at only shares market. We need to have house, family protection, cash,
     insurance and so on.
  • If any thing happen like market corrupt. Please take the decision to out from the market even you are lost. You must save your investment  first. After few months  or the down side reach bottom, then go in slowly and change you portfolio to choose better company. The opportunity always there in the share market.

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