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Did you know that?

Did you know that?

Over 25 years, a small 3kWp residential system can save


Over 25 years, a typical 3kWp Solar Energy System will offset the following:

    81,650kg of CO2 (greenshouse gas)
    272kg of NOx (smog)
    227kg of SO2 (acid rain)
    482,803km driven in an average car (19,312km a year)
    It's like planting 1.5 acres of Trees
    It will prevent over 40,823kg of Coal from being burnt!

3KW will like to plant 1.5 acres of tree but now i  invest 24 kw.
so i plant 12 acres of tree already.

Solar Environmental advantages

"Solar is highly compatible with the values and desires of the environmentally‐ conscious citizen.“
"Solar electricity is clearly a wise energy investment with great environmental benefits!“
The conservation of fossil fuels, the reduction of pollutants, reduction of waste, and higher efficiency usage of electricity are the main environmental objectives to which Solar PV achieves each of these ends

Solar Social advantages

  • Be your own power producer. Creates clean, renewable energy that will sustain and support the health of future generations.
  • Protected against future rise in electricity tariff.
  • Reduce dependence on imported fuels.
  • Distributed Generation - Reduce losses through transmission.
  • Creation of local jobs and sustainable enconomy.

Solar Economic advantages

  • With various Government incentives for PV system installation - owner can actually save money from the reduction in electricity bill
  • Cost of installing a PV system is actually an investment - with the expected introduction of Feed In Tariff (FiT) next year
  • Attractive ROI of as fast as 7-8 years
  • High Internal Rate of Return (IRR) up to 10% - better than earning interest from banks
  • Secure investment – contract is signed with TNB (GLC) for 21 years
  • Proven matured technology
  • Value of PV powered home will increase in resale value, due to:
    • Reduced electricity bill
    • Income from FiT – helps to pays mortgage
    • Being ‘environmental friendly’ statement
  • For housing developer:
    • great marketing tools
    • value added house for housebuyer
    • homeowner beginning to recognise ‘green’ home

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shares updated July 2013

1) Maybank (10%)---share Free share
2)Bintai (40%)----average Rm0.335(03DEC2012)
3)CBIP(10%)-----average Rm2.89(23MAY2013)
4)ECOFIRST(20%)---- average Rm0.17(23MAY2013)
At July sold MBSB and some of the Bintai share.