Thursday, February 11, 2016

Buying future bjtoto buy bjcorp

Buying future bjtoto buy bjcorp

Author: ken law   |   Publish date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016, 05:49 PM  

How I meet bjcorp?I meet bjcorp is due to I invest on bjtoto.

Bjcorp is the major shareholder of bjtoto.

I have buying bjtoto since last 10 years.

Bjtoto is a share that will high dividend.

I get the dividend from bjtoto for this ten years without miss.

I like it 6 to 7 % yearly dividend.

I can use this dividend to grow my property investment and increase my cash flow.

I started to invest on this  bjcorp when I know that this stock get a permit to operate a lottery business in Vietnam.

This remind me that this bjcorp will be future of  bjtoto if I start to invest now with very low entry. 

The share price almost 5 years low, rm 0.37 but now already rm0.40

But with this lottery business, bjcorp already have almost 25 years of experience

 to operate Malaysia lottery business with their lottery arm, bjtoto 

And they also have oversea lottery business at Philippine also under bjtoto Philippine.

I don't think there will a problem for them to operate a oversea lottery business from their previous experience.

It will be a good chance to buy now for their low price.

Some more Vietnam have 3 times of our Malaysia population.

And also Vietnam not a Islamic country that ban on gambling. 

if you want the dividend, you can invest on bjtoto.

But if you want the capital gain , invest on bjcorp will be a good choice.



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